No Longer for Sale: V2 camper for DCLB tacoma

Hey everyone,

TLDR: I might need to sell my V2 Camper for a 3rd Gen DCLB Tacoma. It has black panels, grey fabric, side tent doors, and front/rear windows. It also has 3 beef bars, a 200W solar panel, and an Alu-Cab 270 Awning. It’s located in Walla Walla, Washington (pretty far southeast in the state).

The backstory: I bought the camper used last spring, and I’ve loved it since. I’ve had no problems with it, and I would keep it if I could. It’s build #1912 if I’m not mistaken, built in the fall of 2021.

Here’s the description:
V2 camper for DCLB 3rd Gen Tacoma
Black Panels
Grey tent fabric
Side doors
Front/rear windows
270 Alu-Cab awning
200W solar panel
I have a 100Ah battery, solar controller, and inverter if someone is interested.

Why I’m thinking about selling: about a month ago, I hit a rock while in the mountains, and my insurance still hasn’t decided what to do with my truck. From what I’ve heard, I might not get my truck back until next year. If they total the truck, I’ll probably go to a different model truck and buy another GFC for it.

With all that said, please do reach out if you’re seriously interested in the camper. I know I didn’t list a price, but that’s because I’m really not sure what I’m looking to get for it. Please feel free to reach out to me either through the message feature here or via instagram @ benherronphoto

Hey Ben. I’m very interested. I’ll be willing to pay the same price you paid for for everything if you’re willing to meet me halfway across the States. I’m a 40 hour drive East and across your Northern border. Cheers!

Hey, I appreciate the interest, but unfortunately my truck has been in the shop since early last month, and I don’t have any other means of delivering it other than through LTL freight. That would add a few extra grand on top of the cost of the camper and accessories. I’m not sure I would want to ship it like that, but I’ll certainly let you know if I decide to sell it.

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I’m interested. Not sure how to pm on this site

Hey, sorry for the late reply, but my insurance company finally decided to repair the truck over a month after the accident. That being said, I’m going to keep the camper for now.