No longer for sale

Time for me to move on to make room for a new project and focus on some other things for a while. In great condition. Tent is 100% dry and has zero issues other than scratches on panels from sticks and from some file slips when installing the C5 latches. See pics below. I used this to develop and test parts primarily with also some bigger camping trips. Located in Bend Oregon. $6000 for forum members

The camper:
#3628 installed on June 10th 2022.
Black panels
Stone grey tent
Tent side windows/doors
Front and rear camper windows

JE Designs DripRails
JE Designs MagSpots
JE Designs StepUps(2)
JE Designs 10Rack(3 bars)
JE Designs Awning brackets(3)
Southco C5 latch upgrade w/covers (6)
Horse trailer side vent
Front Molle Panel
Shittco Shitbrix with poles and grommets
Overland Softgoods Mattress Topper
Overland Softgoods Sheets


Sorry to see you leaving the community…

Do you remember what side vent that is? I may need to start having my dog ride in the lower camper. If you don’t remember, no problem.


i have a new idea that involves a GFC tent still so I am not going anywhere!

The one I ordered was this:


Price reduced to 7k.

Excited to see what you come up with.

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Total steal. GLWS

Any chance you’d part out the Molle panel or share where you got it? I have the same setup on my Ram and been looking for this piece…

@Jws5810 Not going to separate yet, but if I decide to I’ll let you know for sure. I got it from Ruff Road Designs which has since been sold to Underland Off Road. Underland Offroad GFC Back Wall Molle Panel

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Would this fit a 2016 ram 1500 with a 5’7 bed?

I believe all 4th and 5th gen rams are the same dimensions but reach out to GFC to be sure

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Thanks for everyone who has reached out about this. The camper is no longer for sale.

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