No more custom colors V2?!

Anyone have their custom color order revoked?
I was about to place my order last week, but the guy I spoke with said there is new colors coming next week, and that I should wait to see if I’d prefer them over spending the extra money. Now I’m told I can’t place a custom color order, and that anyone who had a custom color order in the works had it revoked.

I’m super stoked about the new design, but this seems like BS. I can understand that going forward they need to streamline the process. But to cancel custom orders that are already in the works? Anybody else confronted with this?

Graham said last night on Instagram live that there will be no more custom colors at the moment. That basically means no the more color options other than what they offer. Graham did said they’re trying to keep the powder coating process down to one day and maybe in the future they would revisit that option. Which kind of blows if you ask me. The custom color was one of the major points for purchasing a GFC when I did. If I would’ve had to go with one of the three standard colors I would’ve never bought one. I’m more than willing to spend the extra money and have my build take extra time to get a color I feel works better on my truck. Which kind of puts me in a quagmire. I have a two month old V1 with a custom color to match my truck I’m trying to sell to upgrade to a V2. To be honest I would’ve pulled the trigger and put a deposit down before selling my V1 if I could’ve got a color I wanted. Guess maybe upgrading to the V2’s not in my future because I’m not a fan of any of the new colors. Only reason I can come up with for them during this is that they want do all the powder coating in house and not send anything out to prizmatic. Who knows only time will tell. Let’s see how long it takes them to put out the V1 upgrade kit.

Yes I believe it is in the V2 email. No more custom colors. You can have one of their premium colors and be refunded the difference or get the full refund back and pick black or white. For the cost, can’t you just take the camper to a local paint shop and have the panel colors matched to what you are hoping? With the V2 you can completely remove the panels.

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Yes that Is very true.

Well, sh!t.
It is good to hear the panels are removable. I guess I’ll be taking them off to get recoated. Removing the window will be fun I’m sure. All the upgrades of V2, yet somehow so bittersweet. I’ve been dreaming of the color scheme for a year now. Thanks for the replies.

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I’m in the process of purchasing my 2nd GFC. The first was a custom color on a truck I then sold. I’m now in line for a V2 that was originally scheduled for early Feb and could now be pushed back. I’m so stoked to have the updated, well thought out, incredibly engineered, US made camper that I’m no longer concerned about custom colors. I’ll make what’s available work for me OR (as an earlier commenter mentioned) take off the 3 panels and get them powder coated somewhere near me as the cost would be the same as what they were charging before.

Huge thanks to the GFC crew for taking on these difficult decisions and continuing the quest to make the best campers in the world.


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