No RTT build spot sales and No 21’ 4Runner Support

So I looked on the website and they have made changes to the V2 RTT page.

Apparently they aren’t allowing selling of build spots on that model anymore, which if I would have known before, I probably wouldn’t have purchased a spot in line. AND I’ve just seen a note at the bottom saying they aren’t supporting the 2021 4Runner, which is what I have so I’m double screwed here. It’s still a 5th gen and they’re selling 5th Gen mounts. I’m pretty upset and confused about all this.

Have you reached out and called them in person?

It may just mean that they havent confirmed fitment on the 21 yet. Like @DannyEnder said, give them a call. They are nice folks and will help you out if they can.

Also, you can still sell your spot, just not officially through GFC. Work it out between you and the new buyer like anything else you’d buy with a non-refundable deposit.


Agreed. I should have elaborated in my post earlier but the same thing happened to me initially with the camper. I have a 2021 Tundra and GFC would not confirm fitment until they “got their hands on it.” Shortly thereafter, I got confirmation that all was good. I find it really hard to believe that GFC would not support the new 4Runner. That rig is a staple of their lineup and “following.”

So I just spoke with Collin over at GFC and he helped clear some things up.

The tent will still work with a 2021 4Runner BUT if you have a limited trim level and up there is now an antenna in the shark fin so the delete is no longer possible for the limited and up trim levels. You couldn’t use the low pro 4Runner mounts if you’re in that situation.

As far as build spots that is something they do for the camper and was never really an official thing for the RTT. The reason has something to do with the cost of the deposit and it’s a pain for them on their end. So the camper deposit is high enough they felt they should allow you to sell your “spot” but the RTT isn’t expensive enough to be a necessary allowance for the customer to sell.

Hopefully that makes sense. Not happy but I get it. Collin is following up with Toyota to see if the off road premium has that antenna in the shark fin.


I think all years with the shark fin and nav had some kind of antenna(s) up there. I believe I had both an AM/FM as well as GPS antenna in my shark fin (2018 TRD OR). I wonder if the antenna has grown or changed shape such that the old 3D printed cover no longer fits. It’s too bad you have to cut it open to find out what’s inside (or trust Toyota). You could live without AM/FM and potentially NAV if you were super desperate for the low-profile mount. There could be possibilities to re-route those antennas somewhere else, too. Fingers crossed Toyota comes through with an answer.

You don’t have to cut it open. Set aside some time and you can remove it from under the roof under the headliner. Yeah the GF instructions say to cut it but you don’t have to do that and seems like a waste and possibly damaging the parts if you wanted to reinstall later. If you look at they show how to do it. Just take your time. I did it to replace the antenna with the flush version for my RTT and no problem. I still have NAV and XM. I have a 2019 so if they changed things unaware as it seems they may have. They had two covers. I was given the “shoe pattern” with my kit but needed the next smaller version.

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Same method, different reference for antenna removal…

I too have a 21 4Runner off road premium. After I saw this thread I reached out to GFC to inquire since I should be getting my RTT very soon. Worked with Collin as well and I decided to go ahead and take my antenna apart and trouble shoot to help out GFC and all of us with 21+ 4runners.

Inside the shark fin is now a metal antenna about 2” tall. It’s is soldered directly to a chip board. I got my soldering gun out and took the metal piece off to see what would happen. Plugged it back in and everything works as it should! AM/FM, sat. Radio, Nav… the only thing I didn’t check was the SOS button(mostly because I don’t know what would happen).

I told GFC of what I came up with and the sent me the antenna delete cap. The cap does still fit. Just put a little sealant on it to get a good seal.

I also added a little 3m trim adhesive tape under the antenna base just for added weather seal.

So the 5th gen mount will still work. Just some mild modifications required. Pretty easy if you have a soldering gun. Or could cut the metal fin very short without damaging the chip board. Hope this helps!