Non Fleece or Flannel Sheets?

Is overland soft good the only fitted sheet maker out there? I would love some sheets that aren’t flannel or fleece.
I am basically a furnace when I sleep and in the summer nights I would be boiling up, so I would love a fabric that isn’t quite as warm


Where are you located?

I’m the same way and have yet to find their regular, non-fleece, sheets too warm while camping in Colorado.

Add in a little higher overnight temps and more humidity, probably a different story.

With that, we’ve had a great experience with both the sheets and 1” foam topper from Overland Softgoods (@WrinkledPants).


I’m mostly in the north east, from New Jersey. So heat is a pretty big factor.

And personally, I sleep really hot, I don’t start using a blanket at night unless its under 50’ above that I just have a sheet, under 50 I do a light blanket and under 30 I’ll use a sleeping bag.
So need something that won’t cause me to boil when it’s 70 and humid in the mid summer

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there are custom size sheet makers on both google and amazon if you get their mattress and then fitted sheets…pillows are very comfortable.