Norcal/pnw pit interest

Hey Dudes and Dudettes!

I have reached out to everyone who is already on the PIT list in the areas of NorCal and the PNW with very, very little response from anyone. So I have decided to reach out to everyone who can make it to:

San Francisco, CA (or somewhere near the Bay Area)
Bend, OR

I have a ton of availability for Bend, and only afternoon spots for San Francisco. The availability for Bend is wide open.

Please shoot me a direct email to as this is first come first served. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD ISSUES WITH THE V1 HINGE!!!

We get a lot of customers who are very vocal about this issue but then turn around and ghost us once we have tried to make it right (by starting a new leg of the PIT). This is why I do all scheduling through email so there is a record of everyone contacted and their response or lack of. We are stoked to do the PIT and get everyone upgraded not only to have a working camper but also for the piece of mind the new hinges will bring!


I’ve been trying to get on a PIT since last autumn and haven’t heard back via email, here, or on my FB post. Will post on the new fb post, here and send you an email, as I’m in the PNW and would like to get my hinges upgraded especially since one of mine has looked wonky since last late August.


See you in Bend! Thanks for keeping us all posted Mike!


Sorting through everyone’s emails now, I appreciate all of your patience and should get through all of you and have you scheduled by end of day!

Thank you!

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Thanks Mike, email sent!!! Hope to see you in Bend at the end of August and I appreciate you and GFC making this issue right!

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Hey PNWers, I’m Chris, and I’ll be the technician headed out there to upgrade your hinges. Really looking forward to meeting the community, and getting your GFC back to it’s full glory! Keep messaging/tagging/emailing @Mike_GFCUSA for the appointments, and I’ll be reaching out to you when the meet up gets closer. Thanks!


Even if you feel that your hinges are fine, get the PIT done. The peace of mind the new hinges bring is uncanny, and I no longer fear about accidentally putting too much force on a hinge or having some security issue where it may not be strong enough.

Get in contact with Mike! You won’t regret it


Email sent! Can’t wait to get the new hinges! Any idea whereabouts is the meet up for the Bay Area going to be?

What about southern California. Pretty hard for a full-time working man to get up to the bay area on a Thursday afternoon

@Mike_GFCUSA @ChrisTechOfficial

Just caught this thread and sent out an email. Hoping there’s still a chance I get scheduled in for Bend! Please let me know what y’all think and thanks for the hard work!

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Hey guys, I’m normally off in the middle of the week but will be replying to all these emails soon. I still have availability so don’t worry. We actually have spent a total of 9 weeks in SoCal alone. More than any other region in the entire US by a lot. The last SoCal trip was May/June and a lot of Norcal guys could not make it for the same reasons so this trip is purely to the north. The PIT has always been first come first served with preference to those who have acute hinge failures. The availability left is all that we have and if you are in SoCal and cannot make it up your only alternative currently is to come up to Montana to have the hinge upgrade done or wait. If you have not read my post about this please see it here:

Because mine wasn’t failing until last week, I was not eligible for the last socal pit. Any chance they can just send me the material so I can do it myself?

Any chance you can fix a busted zipper on a Superlite in Bend while you’re here?

@JonHansen could you send a pic of the issue? I will see what we can do.

Unfortunately my hinges busted while the pit team was in SoCal, but they could not meet up. Hopefully you can make it back down here soon. I wish I could go to the Bay Area, but that will not work with my schedule. Back completely came off, and the drivers side is cracked half way. The only one left that I can use is the passenger side. Fingers crossed you guys can make it back to SoCal soon.

Sorry, I missed this reply! You guys already have pics and recommended I have a local repair shop fix it but if there’s a chance it could be fixed without me having to pay someone that’d be great.