NorthernRed Raptor Build

Build thread for my 2014 Ford Raptor I picked up in July 21’ with just under 1400 miles on it. GFC 2667 getting installed in February!

The build so far:

  • Ceramic Pro Gold coating to protect paint
  • Woolwax undercarriage to protect from rust
  • WeatherTech floor liners
  • Builtright Industries dash mount with Ram mounts for phones
  • Decked drawer system

My truck:


I should start off by saying why i chose GFC. Above all else, a GFC is an American product, made with American materials, by American hands. That means something to me. The quick setup/take down, excellent customer service and communication, and overall product simplicity are all bonuses. Ill add that the lack of the typical, “Overland,” industry douchebaggery and arrogance is really nice. I met Graeme MacPherson at Overland Expo MW this year at the GFC booth. He answered all of my questions in detail, let us climb all over his personal GFC to see if it would be a good fit, and even took the time to show my little kids a praying mantis that was hanging out on his LandCruiser. Down to earth, humble dude.

On to my build goals:
Daily-able vehicle with uncomplicated systems, fast setups/takedowns, comfortable sleeping for my family of 4. We average 8 weeks of travel per year; typically 10day - 2 week intervals. Backcountry camping and hunting trips, driveway camping while visiting family, traveling league sports with my kids, random city trips to museums, and running to HomeDepot all have to be within the trucks wheelhouse. I think the Raptor/GFC combo is going to be on the money.

With that said, here are my plans:

  • Deaver leaf pack to help with weight management.
  • Fridge. Not sure on model yet. Something 60-70l, uncomplicated, cost effective, and reliable.
  • Some sort of water tank. Water is usually what sends us into town the most, so 15-17 gallons of on board water would be solid. Perhaps some sort of simple filter and pump?
  • Power box of some sort: Ecoflow, Jackery, Goal Zero. Probably a 1000-1500wh unit. Charge before we leave home and keep topped off with Solar. I really like the 4thDSolar panels made for the GFC.

Great to see another Raptor build. They are such a good platform for a GFC build. Looking forward to following your build progress.

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After looking at a GFC in person at Expo MW this year i was sold. Of all the things we looked at the GFC just seemed like it was designed specifically for the Raptor. Cant wait to pick mine up at the beginning of Feb!
I have been following your LOLRoad build. Gorgeous truck sir, well done! Im in Wisconsin as well, how fun was that drive to and from Bozeman? Im thinking that drive in the dead of winter is going to be interesting.


Where in Sconnie are you? We’re just west of Sheboygan. The drive wasn’t too bad but weather can definitely change things. We went out the southern route through SD and came back through ND. The biggest issue on the way back was the wind noise. I’m assuming the Gen 1 will have a similar issue with the noise, I would recommend rigging something up like what I did with the Yakima rack. It will make the trip back much more enjoyable.

Cool, I’ve always liked that area. I’m just south of Madison.

I’m giving myself an extra day day each direction to account for weather; hopefully that’s enough.

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into some sort of wind fairing!


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Nice truck! I have a gen1 also and my install is in February. Looking forward to see your build. Here’s my truck. I got it end of October.


Great looking truck! Mine is identical but a ‘12. Got my GFC back in November. Just refreshed the suspension with new fox 2.5s, Geiser springs and I’ve got a Deaver leaf pack ordered. I’ve got a friend who’s building out the back for me with drawers built out of 8020, fridge on a slide, lithium battery and solar to come down the road. Also just built a portable diesel heater for winter camping, about to test it out in a ski trip to BC.

I’ll have to post some pics. Getting new tires installed right now, gives me an excuse to do a photo shoot.

There a pic from Wyoming the weekend I picked it up.


Super rad to see all of these Raptors!

Dfinn, how was wiring up the third brake light on the Raptor?

Super easy. Pull the brake light, tap 2 wires, done.

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Sweet seeing Ford GFC’s here in Wisconsin. I don’t have a Raptor, just a plain ‘21 XLT, is my daily driver and year-round roamer, from here in the Dells . Picking up my GFC end of April. Curious how well the wind fairing worked out, attaching to front of GFC?

@nwoodworth man, that is a beautiful truck!

I like the 15-17 gallon water tank goal. With a family of four, you are definitely going to need that much for a long weekend. Are you thinking adults up top (in the RTT), kids below for sleeping? Some sort of overlapping bunk arrangement could work using the base of the bottom bunk for water and electricals and maybe the base of the upper bunk for a slide out fridge drawer, kitchen and other storage. Absolutely doable even with the Raptor short bed. We whipped this up for an inverter/lithium-powered build. Just imagine a bunk in place of the large top drawer and you have a design that could work for you. The fridge (in green) is an ARB Zero 47 quart.

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