Notifications now and going forward?

How does GFC communicate with its customers now and going forward? Yeah, I get the progress updates on my build, but what about everything else? Hinges, leaks, tent fabric, different mattress, new products, delays? How about being informed of a NEW FORUM??? If it wasn’t for spending time on tacomaworld, I would have no idea what is going on.

Once I get my camper, I would rather not have to search the web on a daily basis for pertinent information.


This is the soft launch of the new forum. Making sure it works before we open the floodgates. So far it seems pretty solid!

No major design changes in the forecast, but will definitely have some new product announcements soon, as well as some more informational video on the product. Those videos and new product announcements will be sent out via our mailing list to existing customers. Anything small (production delays/speed ups) will be communicated via our direct customer communication as we always have.

We don’t send out information on things like a leak or hinge breakage, because 99% of our customers won’t have that problem. If there was a larger scale recall issue we would of course address that via a email or even phone calls.

This forum will not be the primary spot for informing customers, but there will likely more in depth info here than anywhere else.



Design changes, addressing leaks, new aluminum grab bars, etc. aren’t safety issues.

Multiple door hinges breaking is a safety issue.

Since this forum won’t be the primary spot for informing customers about safety issues, what method will be used?

What efforts has GFC made to contact customers that are potentially affected by the hinge safety issue?


I was super excited to get an email today from GFC about manufacturing updates…and it goes to a broken link. :frowning:

So I know I’m on some kind of list but I never did get official word about the V1 upgrade.


I think that went out to everyone. Not sure what it supposed to cover but the link is indeed broken. I’m sure they’ll get to it.


it was supposed to go to their blog entry**


Thanks for sharing. I read it and it totally makes sense. As the son of a masonry contractor, I learned the value of doing something right the first time. Pumped to get my V2!

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Thanks for the link. I don’t get around this forum all that much since being in the PIT doldrums.

I watched the V2 video and I can’t help but say I’m proud of what Wiley, Graeme, and the entire GFC team have accomplished. I’ve been along with GFC since news of the prototype first hit the web, and it’s been exciting to see the company grow and improve.

As time passes, I believe the Living Hinge Debacle will be the defining moment in GFC’s history. Many people would’ve avoided dealing with the problem, or simply pulled the plug and started over, leaving their customers to fend for themselves. Instead, the team took a hard look at the hinge, developed a dramatically better solution, and is standing behind every one of their campers with the PIT refit program. GFC’s response to the hinge failure is their finest hour.

I like everything about the V2, and in many ways, it shows how forward thinking the company has been. The complete overhaul in frame construction was a big step, but it was a probably a necessary one. The time and skilled labor required to weld steel frames was a limiting factor that’d be hard to overcome. The new modular, aluminum frame has to be faster to produce, it takes less skill to assemble, and it’s easier to perform QC checks on it. It’s also less prone to corrosion, and can potentially be repaired in the field much easier than the steel frame. I don’t know which frame is stronger, but they both appear to be more than stout enough for their intended use. Very smart.

My early V1 should be returned to full service before long. While I’d like a V2, there’s something special about the camper I picked up in Belgrade, and I’m in no hurry to let it go. The V2 is destined to be the model that truly brings GFC products into mass production, with a level of quality not normally seen at this price point. Well done, GFC.