OEM roof rack config for GFC install

In the install gallery, I’ve noticed everyone with OEM roof racks is running the cross bars unfolded and locked-in (vs. stowed). Is this required or can you leave them stowed (for less wind noise). Thanks!

It is not required to run with the OEM roof bars on, I have removed mine several times when not in use. Note I do not hear any noise coming from them regardless.
I installed my solar using a different roof bar system though. It was lower profile and lower cost. Of course they could be used for mounting other items also.

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I’m probably not asking the question right… I’m talking about the stock roof rack on the truck. BTW, you have a nice setup!

You asked correctly. I also purchased the OEM Beef Bars and have had them mounted about 50% of the time. But I also take them off sometimes. I have 2 in my garage right now. They don’t really make noise.

Tacomatic, I get what you are asking.
The OEM roof rack on the cab of the truck, not the GFC camper. However, I do not know the answer to your question.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I’m talking about the stock Toyota roof racks (not GFC).

I didn’t think you could have tacoma stock roof racks…at least for gen 2 I know you can’t due to clearance

The GFC crew will be able to tell you, just reqch out to them via phone or email.

I called in about this last month for my oem tacoma rack… apex curve of rear bar would rub on bed overhang upon truck flex in motion and would need removed or in forward swing position, which on the taco makes it pretty useless & was never the most useful rack anyway for my applications, so I replaced it with a sherpa animas rack that was fitted to spec for my truck & the gfc, (which I’m getting installed next month!!! yea!)

What I didn’t realize on the tacoma was that the oem roof gasket was permanently integrated into the rack & I had to run to a couple different dealerships to get the 4 needed (sold separately) L/R gaskets and 4 clips to finish off the roof wells properly… which wasn’t cheap & was told they’re on national backorder… thus the running around.

I love the sherpa rack’s functionality, look & people & gfc recommended them & approved, so time and money spent was higher than intended, but I go out for 6 weeks at a time often & have a lot of trail volunteer tools to stow, so I’m not crying about it too much, knowing it will get the job done more efficiently than the oem version.