Official GFC Owner's Manual

For anyone looking for it, CLICK HERE to check out our recently launched GFC Owner’s Manual. You’ll find this info and more on our Support Page.


If you have any other questions, feel free to send a PM or share in the comments below.


Page 2 states to " Subscribe to the owners manual email to be notified of new versions" but I haven’t been able to find where/how to do this. Any ideas? The support page didn’t help. I assume I can always click the link to check if there have been updates, but getting notified would be great.

Great work! In a quick glance and reflection to my pickup day this would be a sweet swag addition. Not only a cool looking manual in layout, but has a HECK of a lot of detail. Awesome!


Do you guys sell that “Drive Fast Camp Well” as a sticker? Would like that one on my truck…


Hey @dmg5000 - Thanks for calling that out! We’ll be sending an email in the near future with the most recent copy (likely this version, V 0.01), and keep you in the loop for future updates as well. New customers are automatically added to a post-purchase flow with items such as this along with tips & tricks for early ownership.