One of a kind tent insulation

Hey Yall! I am hoping to find a new home for the diy tent insulation kit I made. Free, buyer pays shipping.

I lived out of my camper to ski all last February. It was an awesome trip, but I was quite worried about the ability to stay warm. I made this thermal pack out of some cheap waterproof blankets. They are meant to be to protect your furniture from pets.

I sewed it into the shape of a standard size tent. It hangs from the ceiling from some velcro. It does a really good job of keeping the place nice and warm, but it is just not slick enough for me to break it out. It’s a bit bulky and velcro is a little fiddly for something this big. Also: being so waterproof, condensation between the tent and the insulation kit definitely becomes an issue. You need to take it out and air it out every few days while you are camping.

It’s a very diy solution with some definite issues, but if anyone can get some use out of it they are on this forum!

I have a few other posts detailing the build if you look through my profile.


I’d be down to try it out! In Richmond VA! DM me if still available!

Update: (I should have included this in my first post, oops.) I am currently living in Tofino, BC which I would definitely describe as remote. (It’s gross no one should come check it out :wink: ) Unfortunately, that means that shipping to the USA would be truly ridiculous. I might be taking a trip south of the boarder in a few weeks, and I will see if I can include this on the packing list. Sending it from Seattle will be a lot more reasonable. @johnyboy365 I will reach out if I can ship it from within the country.

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I’m in Portland Oregon. I’d be happy to meet up in Washington if you’re ever there.

Do you have an estimate of shipping? BC to San Diego, CA.

Hey, did you end up finding a new home for this?