Opening V2 Latches From Inside

Just got home from my trip to pick my GFC up & a big reason why I picked it up was for stealth camping in a pinch.

I noticed that if the latches on the side panels are closed, there is no way to open them from the inside, since the latches are housed & self contained.

This is a bit of a safety risk if I’m stealth/city camping and someone closes the latch, then you’re essentially stuck & locked in.

Has anyone cut into the latch housing or made a solution for this? I know there’s a fix for V1’s out, would it work with a v2?

Most people get in and out through the rear and these can be opened or closed from the inside


You said side panels. I’m pretty sure no one climbs in and out through the side panels but gfc did come up with a solution to this irrational fear of being locked inside.

about 9:20.

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Boom! Thanks everyone. First night with this thing, and I’ve probably watched that walkthrough video 10 times while I waited for my build. Didn’t think to look at the rear panel.

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