Orange County Installation

Howdy y’all! I’ve just moved to Newport Beach and will be looking to get my GFC installed in the area (signed up for freight date of April 1). Wanted to see if anyone has a place they had a good experience getting theirs installed at? Probably also looking to ship the camper to the place as well since my apartments pretty tight. Anyways, super stoked to join this community and share some rad experiences on and off the road!

Reach out to Rigd Supply in Anaheim. They used to be a GFC retailer and installed my V1 a few years ago.

If not them, reach out to Tiny Rig Co. in Westminster.

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Perhaps GTFOverland ?

Got in touch with Rigd Supply and they’re able to do it. Thanks a ton!


Those boys are awesome. They’re super knowledgeable with GFC stuff as they do lots of work with GFC and a lot of the guys have ran or currently run them on their trucks. They’ll take good care of you.