Order to Install Timeline

Hey all. Close to putting a deposit down and mostly have the options decided, but wanted to get some clarity on timelines from start to finish. Once deposit is placed, generally how long is it to full payment needed with a 2.5 month timeline to install? Step 5 of 6 in the process says payment is due within 3 days. 3 days of deposit? Or 3 days or choosing all the options? What’s the timeline right now from deposit to full payment required?

Thanks all for reading and your input!

After I made my deposit, I received an email from GFC. This email is where you enter your vehicle information (VIN) and choose your tent/camper options: color, windows, doors, etc. You can also select a preferred install date.
GFC will then call you to go over your options, schedule an install date, then send you a final invoice. Upon receipt of the final invoice, you have 3 days to pay in full. I believe after, you lose your install date.
GFC was real good with communication during that process with me. Now I’m just waiting until my 3/20 install date.

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Thanks for the reply! Did you pay in full essentially the same week you put your deposit down?

Just did mine and here’s my timeline for ya. I requested an install date out a little further than the soonest available due to my schedule and wanting longer daylight for the drive to Montana. The final payment maybe sooner than the 5 weeks it took for mine depending on how soon you want it installed.

  • Placed deposit on 11/30

  • Submitted form for features (window/door) on 11/30 and requested install for 4/3

  • GFC reaches out for final payment and confirmation on features as unit is going into production 1/7

  • GFC reached out and confirmed install date and time over the phone on 1/7

Hope this helps!

No. I made my deposit before the new year to keep the lower price. Then I waited a while to complete the options and then finally paid in full.
As @Ramventures_PNW posted, you could definitely go a faster route. Like him, I requested a further install date. I believe at the time of my invoicing, (1/8/22) they were booking installs as early as the first week of March (essentially 8 weeks out).

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