Original upper leds?

I went with warm white and red in the upper and warm white in the lower. Works out good! Cool white seems to bright and unnatural.

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Warm white. I didn’t want a blinding white light in mine. I worked with Matt Gecko to develop the kit, mines has been working very well since install. Pretty simple install and a well priced kit.

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I did cool white and red, up top and down below.

My only beef was since my camper was resealed, the sealant was slathered all over the inside of the space frame/extrusion meeting point. There isn’t much room for the two light strips to fit.

Additionally, whatever coating is on the extrusion down below doesn’t play well with the adhesive on the back of the LED strips, so I had to use butyl tape to secure the ends.

All in all, worth it compared to building the entire setup myself like I had before (one LED strip under each door, two in the bed, two up top, complete with aluminum channel and diffuser)

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