Ostrich Wing Junior Awning?

Anyone have one? Seen a lot of opinions on the OVS and CVT 270s, curious if anyone has mounted an Ostrich on a Go Fast.

I am all for supporting smaller companies, but man this one would be a tough sell for me. Same coverage (75sq.ft) for ~2.5x the price of a OVS 270LTE. The zip up bag storage looks like it may be a little easier than the OVS but I can deal with stuffing the OVS in for that price difference

I’m personally dreaming about Clevershade awnings

Even more expensive, but super light and great setup/teardown. At that price point it might be affordable for me to roll my own.

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It’s very nice, but 5k for shade? :grimacing:

I hadn’t considered these before because they all looked too heavy, but the clever shade ultralight can get as light as 10kg, and 12kg if you get the 270 version. I’ll have to see if it fits in the weight budget, but this might be a must-have for more southern objectives.

For people that have shades, do you use them much?

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I had the classic arb and never used it because it was a pain to roll out and stake out. I use my FSR 270 all the time even for a quick side of the road lunch stop. The super fast deploy and freestanding are key imo.


100% agree. I think I deployed my ARB once all in a year and my 270 has gone up much more. Easy to deploy and put away.

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I don’t know much about awnings because I’ve never used them, do you see any major differences between the FSR 270 you have and the Clevershade? They look functionally identical to my eye.

Made in Australia vs China seems like the biggest win for the Clevershade. The FSR does ok with a light breeze but definitely bangs around some if there is any wind.