Overland Expo East, Who Wants To Go?

Hey dudes,

I’ve been absent a while! Transitioning into a mew role inside the company and I’ve been very busy. Planning some future stuff that I’m sure you’ll all be stoked about!

In a plot twist we will not be bringing our trucks out to Overland Expo East.

What does this mean?

Well it means that I have (4) passes for the whole weekend to not only display your trucks in the booth but also to camp there and hang with all the awesome vendors!

What does this mean for you?

It means that you may be able to go in our stead!

What do you need to go?

Well, a truck with a GFC for sure. It must also have a certain amount of, glamour to it. You must also have a knowledge of the product.


The show is this weekend. Vendor load in is Thursday and the show is Friday Saturday and Sunday and you cannot leave the venue (permanently) until the show ends on Sunday.

If you are interested in going in our stead (we will likely still fly someone out) then please let me know via DM or email to Mike@gfcengineering.com

Thank you all!

Looks like we have (2) badges left!

Anyone else looking to go and meet some other customers, get into the show for free and reap the benefits of being in the vendor area let me know!

Thanks guys! Def got enough of you! Stoked to have gotten so many DMs and emails!