Overland Expo Mountain West

@GainzGFC and I will be down at the expo, anyone else going?

Hope to see a GFC booth down there :eyes::call_me_hand:t3:

Looks like GFC is a “confirmed exhibitor” :eyes:. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it out with a lot of other trips planned but following this thread in case I can make it.

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I will be there too!! Look for the dirty black F150 with fire fighter plates!

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I’ll keep my eyes peeled! Will you going be camping at the expo or a showcased vehicle?

What days are y’all going? Camping, or just day pass?

Our team will for sure be there! I’ll follow up here with our booth# once the full map is shared from Overland Expo’s Website.


Fantastic! Are you coming yourself?

I will be driving down from MT. Staying at a friends house a couple miles away but would love to connect!

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Haven’t decided if we are going to camp or just go up for the day and then go camp somewhere for the weekend. You?

@PeanutButterandBacon - There’s a chance, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be in Big Sky assisting w/ some content for a bike race that same weekend. Bummed I can’t go collect stickers and camp with everyone.

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Love me some Big Sky!! Do you know where the GFC team is camping? Would love to connect with them.

@PeanutButterandBacon - The squad is still sorting out the logistics on that front, but I’ll keep you posted once everything is nailed down. :call_me_hand:


If ya need any help, let me know!

As @GainzGFC said, he’ll be camping on the way down/back. I’m flying in and we will be there just Saturday most likely.

Super! I will plan on attending Saturday then! Looking forward to meeting some fellow GFC’ers!


Plan to go that Saturday. Don’t have to twist my arm to go look at new gear to spend money on :wink:


Right! Gunna have to leave the credit card at home or things will get out of hand FAST!

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I’ll be down there with the Cadence Collection team. I’m currently working with the team at GFC to put together a group bike ride the day before the show starts. Let me know if you want more info and stay tuned!


Sounds super rad! I’d love to participate but unfortunately I’m flying in so no bike but appreciate the offer!