Overland Expo West... Flagstaff, AZ

Just checkin’ in to see who’s going to be at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff this weekend.

I’ll be there all weekend and would love the chance to meet you guys in person at the event.

I’m open to ideas. I suggest we consider meeting up Saturday around noon for lunch.

Here’s my cell: 303-667-3640

Happy trails…


Hi Scott,
I will also be there all weekend camping. Arrive Thurs PM to Mon AM. This is my first time so should be interesting. I have signed up for a bunch of the classes so will only have about 45 minutes for lunch Sat. but I down for getting together. Will text you tomorrow.


I have been going to the Overland Expos ever since it was first conceived many years ago…. Do not over schedule your classes or demonstrations…. It’s a festival, not a conference and approach as such :slight_smile: you’ll be happier this way


I’ll be rolling in on Thursday, hopefully before noon. I’m camping for the duration. It would be cool if we could coordinate something so we can camp near each other. Either way, looking forward to meeting some GFC people.


Hi All,

I am in North Orange County and heading out to OvelrandExpo in a few hours. I’m down to meet up anytime as well. I attended last year and the camp sites fills up fast. Hoping to get a good spot and would be interested in setting up near by as well.