Overland Ford Raptor with V2 GFC

Selling my built 2017 Ford Raptor with GFC to make room for a Sportsmobile. The truck has 37k miles and transferrable premium care 150k mile warranty (through Ford). Fully loaded 802a, sans sunroof which is how I wanted it. Entire build has around 6k freeway miles on it, truck is immaculate. Truck is located in Santa Cruz, CA. Not interested in selling camper at this time. Kids and life force sale :frowning:

Parts list:
Fox 3.0 race kit
Camburg upper arms
SVC bump stop kit
Fox IFSP bumps
SVC Stock length shackles
Swarfworks shock skid plates
Deaver +3 springs for camper
Patten fab bed supports
ADD bumper
Baja designs bar
Baja designs pods
Ford performance diff cover (extra quart capacity)
Center console safe
New tires
Beadlock set up (never leaked)
Pedal commander
Custom fender linear
Bed set up includes pro-eagle jack and custom brackets
GFC V2 used 3 times comes with all mounts and roof racks, sheets etc.

Asking $85k
Best way to contact me is (831)818-8448

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The GFC does or does not come with it? First sentence says “with GFC”, last sentence says you’re not interested in selling the camper at this time.

I think he’s saying he doesn’t want to, but kids are forcing the sale… But yea confusing post.

I understood it to be he doesn’t want to sell the camper separately.

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Sorry for any confusion. I do not wish to sell the camper separately, it is include with the truck.