Overland pro 270 awning

Does anyone have any experience with the overland pro 270? It’s in my price range and is what I’m looking for with a 270. Longevity? Durability? Quality? Mounting brackets?

Good for the price. Mine is also for sale with 3 GFC brackets!

How much? Got any pictures?

$800 for 3 brackets and the 270 awning. Located in NorCal (Bay Area)

Ah I just realized you’re asking about a Wraptor4k awning…mine is the OVS 270 which is also freestanding but has the poles in case.

Hi Jake,

I have the 6k mounted to my RTT with 4 GFC brackets. So far so good. I bought the 6k walls as well. I just mounted everything 2 days ago so no longevity opinion, but I am happy with build quality, etc. I would encourage you to do it and don’t look back! (Except in admiration)


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I have the 6k and it’s great. It’s almost identical to the OVS except the material on the OVS blocks out more light.

I’ve had it in some high winds in Death Valley, Mojave and Anza with no issues (within reason).

I use kayak ratchet straps on the canvas hooks to quickly deploy and prepare for any rain.

I use only 3 brackets because I have a V1 and the hinges get in the way. I’ve had no issues and I don’t take it easy on it, at all.

Nick is a localish Overland Bound member and supports his product fully.
UPS tore my cover and he immediately jumped on it. Due to time restraints and UPS’ policy to ship the whole thing to them, I just ordered a patch and an extra cover. He got it right out to me.

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Pulled the trigger on it, did you just buy 3 brackets from GFC?

Yes, I did.

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