Overland Softgoods, Anyone else having issues

First thing I’m not here to talk shit. Just seeing if anyone has experienced or is experiencing a lack in their typically exceptional customer service and quickness to turn over orders.

Long story short
ordered soft topper. Next day received a phone call and then it was out the next day.
Recently ordered keychain. Month went by with nothing. Finally emailed and got shipped. Too bad it was only one rather the two ordered. Emailed back. Supposedly shipped.
Now my account is deleted. Can’t check status. Never got a tracking number.

Just wondering if this is just a one off instance or if other are feeling the same.

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Seems like a one off. I have had multiple calls with Scott the owner and he is very invested in the GFC community. I know they were moving production to some different sites so could have been the issue.


Scott is @WrinkledPants on here. He is a great guy and really dedicated to good customer service. Hopefully he can get in touch with you and sort out what happened.


Nothing but top notch service for me.



Good morning, Aaron!

First, I’m sorry that we dropped the ball on your keychain order. In all honesty, it was probably me that made the mistake on our end.
I’m glad to know that there is an issue on your order. I will fix that today!!!

Regarding your account being deleted… I’m not sure what that means. We switched website providers from Squarespace to Wordpress/Woocommerce recently and that may have created a problem with your “account”. I generally like the change but it has caused a few challenges.

Look for an email from me today with tracking info. I’ll get that second keychain that you ordered to you post haste.

For future reference, you can email me directly with questions or concerns at: scott@overlandsoftgoods.com or call me at: 303-667-3640.

Happy trails…



I just happened to look as well and seems as though my account didn’t get moved over from the old Squarespace site either. Not sure if you’ve noticed migration issues or if that may not have been part of your transition. Either way, I’ll just create a new account.

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Thanks for the heads-up, Micah!

I’ll check with our web developer today to see about getting that resolved.


I have had a few personal calls with Overland Softgoods. They are top quality and great folks. Also seems like hes doing this in retirement, no excuses… but yea shipping is slow, but quality is unbeatable.
Id just send then a nice note and let him know the issues your having.
They are good people. Hes also here in this GFC chat, maybe he’ll chim in.

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Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 9.54.50 AM


Literally got the email with this update as I was reading your post.


Haha I am quick on the guns today.


I’ve placed a few orders with them and have had nothing but amazing service and experiences