Overland Softgoods Price increase effective June 1st

Sorry to announce that current supply chain challenges and crazy inflation is forcing us to raise our prices on GFC sheets.

Effective June 1st, our prices will increase on the following items:

Sheets for standard campers will increase to $130 per set.
Sheets for XL campers will increase to $135 per set.

These prices will apply to both the 4 seasons flannel and the fleece sheet sets.

On a positive note… we have worked a deal on custom cut 1 inch foam topper sets for all sizes of GFCampers. I hope to have this new product up and live on the Overlandsoftgoods.com site Wednesday evening.

We are on hold for the other products until we can get a consist supply of materials and ID the cost of these materials in the near term.

  • We will honor current pricing right up til midnight May31st.

Awesome! Guess I need to get my order in before the 1st. How much will the 1 inch foam topper cost?

Still working that out. Will post with price Wednesday night. Sorry!


I’m still waiting to hear back on a order I placed a few weeks back, messaged you via instagram.

Hi Mario!
I’m not on instagram very often. So, I just had a quick look and see that you sent a message yesterday.

We hope to get your order out by the weekend. Hopefully, you saw on our website that orders are running two to three weeks for delivery. Your order is 16 days old.

Thanks for your patience!!!


Sweet! Thanks for following up!

You are welcome!

Thanks for being our customer!!!

***We put a little thank you present in with the sheets so check the package before you toss it.

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@WrinkledPants Just wanted to check and see the current wait time. I ordered about 2 and half weeks ago and the ship time said 2-3 weeks. Now your website is saying 4-5 weeks. I’m leaving in about 10 days from NJ to go pick up my GFC in MT. Hopefully I can get them before I hit the road!

@WrinkledPants Any updates on the mattress topper? Checked the website and didnt see it on there yet. Thinking of doing this myself but would love to see what you came up with first.


Sent you a DM. Get back to me with your order # and I’ll give you a good estimate. Yes, we are slammed right now.

Lightning fast customer service with a direct phone call! Stoked that my new sheets are on the way! Thanks for the update!

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Placed an order before the increase, what happen to the foam mattress piece that was suppose to be launching that weekend as well?

Still waiting to make sure that it can happen. Will post once we know with certainty that the supplier can deliver.
Thanks for your interest!

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