OVS 270 Awning install ideas

Great idea! I had two volunteer helpers aka my parents help hoist the awning up.

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Hi, Can someone post a link to or picture of the billet awning brackets mentioned here. I was not aware of any.

This was my method to, seemed the easiest lol

I Our OVS 270 LTE arrived. What mounting kit did you end up with? Thanks

I ended up putting two of each style on there rather than returning and exchanging the billet mounts. The original ones fit with no adjustment, the billet mount can be made to work by getting different bolts and finessing it a bit. If you haven’t bought any yet I’d definitely go with the old ones and not the billet ones. Install will be significantly easier.

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I originally installed my 270 LT awning using the billet mounts and I kinda think they suck to install and don’t really fit quite right. So I bought three universal mounts and wow, I wish I had started with them instead! So much easier to install, they sit higher which I need because there are only two extrusion tracks on the topper and it sits lower than the camper, therefore my side door didn’t want to open all the way. Also, I can take the awning on and off much easier.

Reiterating the sentiment that others shared here: the billet awning brackets look awesome. I got them to work for my OVS 270 but it was one of the most painful installs I’ve experienced in a while.