OVS 270 Awning install ideas

Continuing the discussion from Awnings! What are your thoughts?: We got our OVS 270 Awning for our GFC - yet it weights 80 LBS - we have 4 Billet Awning Mounts to install it. Wondering how we can ‘hold’ it up during install. Should we rent a hoist? grab 6 friends? Thx!

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I did mine myself but it’s the LTE and weighs 30 lbs. …at 80 lbs you might want to hold an Awning Raising Party with some of your friends.

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If you don’t have a big crew to help, here’s how I’d do it… You will need some decent cam straps, a 6’ step ladder, and at least 2 people. Cam straps like these Amazon.com HomeDepot/Lowes carry them too.

First thing I’d do, is use some painters tape, and tape cardboard scrap to the side of the GFC you’ll be working on. Just to protect the paint in case there are any mishaps. I would make sure there are cardboard strips going all the way done to the ground, so your vehicle is protected. Think if it started to fall, and one person slowly controlled its fall to the ground.

if you’ve got roof rack bars over your GFC, use the cam straps around the rack mount point to help hold the awning in place. Make sure the buckle of the strap is up high, so the awning won’t accidentally push the cam buckles release and loosen it. To get it close enough to strap in place, put the awning on a 6’ step ladder. The top bit that you’re not supposed to stand or sit on (be a rebel! lol).

One person steadies it on the ladder, one person works the straps on each side. Stronger person should lift. One person lifts, while the other shortens the cam strap. Repeat for the other side. Then you should be able to get the ladder out of the way. I’d only shorten the cam strap so it’s sitting a little low, don’t try to get it perfect. One person can lift a little, while the other does the bolt mounting.

If you don’t have roof rack bars. use rope tied to a wheel rim or the frame on the other side and throw the rope over the GFC roof. You’ll need two different pieces of rope IMHO. One for each end of the awning Again, use cardboard scrap to protect the paint on where the rope will rub.

If you don’t have a step ladder, I’m guessing you at least have a telescoping ladder for the GFC? It would be way sketchier, so you’ll need a 3rd person to use that kind of ladder imho. you can get it close to the right height, one person on each end lifting it up, and the 3rd person will then place the ladder in the middle, and then secure the cam straps, while the other 2 keep things balanced. The ladder and cam straps are so that people don’t have to constantly be holding it up while you fiddle with the mounting bolts.

have fun!

If anyone in your group hasn’t done sketchy stuff before, practice with the empty box it came in first, so you can figure out the maneuvers and practice how you’ll communicate.

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I like it ‘Awning Raising Party!’

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Great ideas. Thanks for the info - We could combine these steps with the Awning Raising Party. I’m planning now :smile:

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I attempted to mount that exact awning solo. I tried to put 2 brackets onto the extrusion, about midpoint where the awning would mount. Then I used a ladder to stand on while I muscled up the awning to attach the bolts through the brackets and hand tightened nuts. Then I loosened the brackets enough to move them outward towards the ends of the awning but the weight pulled the t-nuts out. Gave up and phoned a friend. P.s. I only have 2 OG brackets attaching mine. I know I should at least have a 3rd but I’m lazy. Good luck!

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Sounds like an ‘adventure’ :wink: Once we get it installed and set up, I think we will like the bigger coverage this awning provides.

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Y’all make it sound so complicated…

All I did was install one bolt loosely at the end nearest the tailgate, fulcrum it up and bolted it loosely at the other end until I got all the bolts in loosely in all 3 brackets then tightened them down and Bob’s your uncle… there was a fair bit of shimmying to line it up and that probably was the hardest part of it all ( all bolts were pre installed on the tracks before it was swung up)


Sounds great! Appreciate the help on this folks!

Only need one other person. Gave my neighbor a couple beers and had it bolted on in ten minutes.

Make sure you mount it far enough back that it clears the corner of the gfc when you open it. I had to loosen it up and shove it back some after the fact.

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This :point_up_2:t6::point_up_2:t6::point_up_2:t6:
Test fit, open, loosen, adjust, tighten.

:thinking: I haven’t considered that
Good point

My buddy just got the OVS 270 and the billet mounts didn’t work so I’m curious how you mounted them to the awning? The brackets were about a quarter inch too short, causing the bolts to angle inwards. Had to swap them for the steel brackets. Even those are a bit too short, only allowing 3 bolts per bracket instead of 4, but it’s good enough with 4 brackets.

That’s a bummer to hear. I have the OVS 270 LT and have the billet mounts. I haven’t installed it yet but now it sucks knowing they might not work with this awning.

Oh dang!

Used four gfc universal mounting brackets and both the short and long bolts that came with the awning. You’ll see where to use long/short based on ability to get a wrench on them…. I can’t remember which was top vs bottom.

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Interesting… literally just ordered a couple billet mounts for an OVS 270 LT that I’m replacing my current awning with but haven’t installed it yet. Anyone else figure out a way to make it work with the billet mounts or should I return them for regular mounts before spending a frustrating hour or two in the garage?

We had to get different bolts to mount the regular OVS 270. You may not have that issue with the LT version.

Finally got our awning installed-kind of an ordeal to get that on there. It’s super nice though-our first
camp setup with it was dark and rainy-nice to have in place for sure!

During install, my husband rigged up a way to hold the awning next to the truck