OVS 270 Nomadic Awning and 3 Universal Mounting Brackets

New, never deployed passenger side OVS 270 freestanding awning. Comes with all hardware, accessories, and mounting brackets as new from OVS. - $800 firm / no shipping.

3 universal mounting brackets from GFC. Barely used. - SOLD

Pick up in San Ramon, CA.

Did your OVS awning mount up to the GFC brackets without modification?

Do you think the OVS 270 needs 3 brackets or would 2 work just fine? I have the OVS 270 LT, but I only ordered 2 brackets (still waiting on the brackets to arrive)

I have the OVS on mine… no modifications needed… I would strongly suggest three of them… its about 80 pounds and I felt that two would be too much