OVS awning 270 height

For those who own this I was wondering if you could share how much does this thing rise above the roof of the tent when attached to the rails and all closed/rolled up?

The GFC is significantly taller than 6in above the cab of my truck, and I’m literally brushing the weatherstripping on the bottom of my garage door as it is. :frowning: If it isn’t level or below the roofline or can’t be mounted in a manner that makes it so, I’m up a creek.

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On mine it’s about 3/4” higher than the GFC. But this is on the highest setting. I don’t know about the newer style awning brackets but I’m sure you can make it sit flush or below.

Just FYI it will really limit the amount you can open your side door or you may need shorter struts to keep it open with it installed In the low setting.

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Thank you, sir. I can live with the doors not opening fully,

When you say ‘highest setting’ are you talking about which holes on the bracket you bolted it into? I have universal brackets showing up today, so I’m trying to understand as much of this as I can before I’m on a ladder next to the truck…

Yep. I have these type and I used the top hole. I bet you can lower it 1-1/2” by using the lowest holes

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It worked out great. With this awning the spacing (on the awning rail) forced the use of the top hole and bottom hole, but mounting the universal brackets as low as possible on the t-tracks got the top of the closed awning just a hair lower than the top of the rooftop.