OVS Awning 270 (New)

I have a brand new OVS awning (passenger side) and four GFC Billet Awning Mounts. Side panels ended up being enough for me so that I didn’t need an awning.

My loss your gain. $500 for everything. The mounts themselves costs $320 from GFC.

Located in Bozeman. Got a ski trip down to Park City next week.

I can meet you in Pocatello but need to see a picture of what this awning looks like? Is it a wraparound? Does it have poles?

Message from above feel free to call me 2085360961

I’m also very interested if Tperrigot decides against it. I’m located in SLC, but would also be willing to travel if you do not want to transport.

It’s not allowing me to send you a PM. Think I may head down this weekend.

@dmg5000 the other gentleman backed out. Let’s connect!

Bump! Both gentleman backed out! So awning is still available.

Wow what a great deal

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I’ll be in Bozeman Friday and I could pick up then. Let me know. 548-8647

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Pending sale to @Chiatt!

Is this still available? If so, I am in Bozeman and am interested.

Would love to grab the mounts only if they’re available.