OVS Nomad VS. RLD GhostAwn


Nomad is free standing -it seems. I like that I can add a room. It doesn’t look as sturdy but I haven’t seen one in person. Anyone?

GhostAwn - there’s one in stock about 45 minutes from me. Looks easy peasy. No option for closing off a room. And the rear coverage looks a little goofy. I’m leaning towards this one because of ease to procure.

Anyone want to talk me into the Nomad?

I had the 270 Nomadic before the current smaller 270LT. The Nomadic is huge and sturdy enough that I never staked it down. It’s not particularly fun to put away, but I imagine the Ghost is either. Setup should be very similar. Zip open, take one end around and tie off, take the other end and tie off, done. For cheaper than the ghost, you can get the Nomadic WITH all the walls. Seems like a massive win for your what you might want out of the awning. But keep in mind, they are JUST walls. They do not fully enclose the awning into a room. OVS ships to your door, so procurement is even easier. :man_shrugging:t2:

Not sure why this was in my new stuff, but says 3 years old. :man_facepalming:t2:

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