Owner in Sonoma County, CA willing to show off?

Hey, new member to the forum… anticipating becoming an owner but my wife and I would LOVE to be able to lay eyes and hands (gloved?) on an actual camper before plunking down the deposit and committing to the long wait. Is there anyone in West Sonoma County, CA that would be willing to give us a tour? I realize it’s a big ask in these covid days, but we would of course mask up with real masks, sanitize (or even glove up) or do whatever to make you feel comfortable. (tyvek suit??) Thank you!


I live in Sonoma County as well and would like to see one in person too. I just picked my options for the V2 so I’m committed.

It seems obvious, but I’ll say it anyways: the campers you will be seeing are not the same as the one you will be buying.



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I’m at Ocean Beach in SF. I would be happy to let you check it out all you want if you want to come down.

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How different are they really? :wink: (honestly, there doesn’t seem to be much info on the site about what the changes are - looks like different hinges/panel sealing/ends?) We’re mainly interested in the less nuanced stuff - like, how big a pita is it that the frame bracing obscures a huge chunk of the side openings? Can we really lie in it both ways (we’re short) what’s the mattress feel like, etc.

Wow - thanks! I’m going to hope a member closer to us offers, but if not, we’ll be in touch for sure!

there is a YouTube video on the changes, pretty significant


Ok - yes - those are pretty significant changes to how it’s made. But looks like the form factor is nearly identical - i.e. same cross braces, same wedge opening/size…

For the most part yes. The cross brace geometry looks a bit different but same general concept.