Panel Color and Window Recommendations for New Order

I am on the cusp of ordering the Camper Platform for an August 2023 delivery. The discussion about the pros and cons of the platform camper versus topper + RTT were very helpful.

I am trying to make a final decision about panel color and windows. I am mounting this on a Ford F250 with a carbonized grey exterior (see photo). I also sometimes tow an Airstream Basecamp Trailer (classic airstream aluminum color).

In terms of color, the obvious choices seem to be the grey, silver or black. I would be concerned about the grey almost matching, but not exactly matching. I thought it could be nice if the silver matched the airstream, but I am not sure a powder coated silver is going to clash with the silver of the airstream. The remaining choice is black, which many have said is the safest choice, but I am concerned about it heating up under the summer sun.

Does anyone have any recommendations/experience with panel color with a grey truck (or specifically the carbonized grey). And has heat build up been an issue with the black panels?

Any insight would be appreciated.

And on windows, I am inclined to do both the rear and front windows for some visibility while driving (and light with the panels closed

. It seems like security is the main issue with windows, but that seems solvable with some sort of blocking shade or curtain while parked for extended periods.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hey @MichaelBoulder , welcome to the community! While I can’t touch too much on the heat issue as I got my camper last year during the winter and we are finally getting that summer warmth here in Montana; I may be able to assist in the color/window option.

While I don’t think you can’t really go wrong with any of the colors, personally I think the black or MGM panels would look best! Also, don’t forget you’ll have to pick a tent fabric color too so keep that in mind :metal:t3:If you want to check out some other rigs to help with your decision, check out some other customer installs HERE.

As for the windows, there are lots of benefits and downsides like you noted in your post. I opted for no windows personally for security but also wish once and a while I had windows so I could use my rear view mirror and get that natural light into the bed area. I think security is the biggest concern with windows being an easy entry point for scumbags but plenty of customers have em and love them! I know Overland Soft Goods just came out with a window cover and love the quality of their sheets/extra foam so I’m sure it’s just as high quality as the rest of their products.

Hope some of this helped and can’t wait to see the final product! :metal:t3:

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Thanks for the information and link to the finished vehicles. That should help me make a decision. Excited to set mine up in a few months.

Edit–ordered it with the metallic grey and two windows. Thanks for the feedback.


I can say from personal experience the black panels heat up a surprising amount. I’m not sure how much less a lighter color would heat up but mine can be an oven inside when in the direct sun.