Panel Color:Gray or Black

I ordered my Camper and went with grey panels as I live in the southeast. I owned a black first gen tacoma for 24 years and as many know they get very hot. In 2017 I got my silver Tacoma and it’s a huge difference in temperature, and that’s an understatement. So, I like the look of the black panels better but so far I’m sticking to grey. I searched out this thread for input. Choice of grey mostly based on keeping stuff in canopy cooler such as fridge, surfboards and other gear. I have already gone to waxless surfboards using traction pads front and back but I still don’t like my boards baking in an oven. That all being said, I like the look of the black as it looks sharp where as the grey looks a little meh. I have noticed the grey looks better in real life apposed to pictures. I still have time to change :grin: