Panel Color:Gray or Black

Anyone have good images of the gray panel color? I have a silver F-150 and I am debating between the gray or the black. Worried the gray may look like I just tried to match my truck and failed. And worried about the black getting hot. I see a lot of people with the black panels so I am guessing maybe the heat isn’t as big of an issue as I am thinking…

In my opinion you are spot on that it will look like you tried to match and failed. I have a silver truck as well and went black because of how good it looks, even though I shared your concerns about it being hot. I got my camper in November so it has been cold and so far the black panels sucking up heat has been a good thing!

I have a white F150 and went black panels. Just embrace the stark clean contrast. I am worried about the summer heat though, we will see how that goes. Check some of @mode7 pics, I think it looks great.

Thanks guys, I think I will probably go black. That was my original first choice but started second guessing it because of heat… Unless they come out with a new standard color that I really dig. I think they mentioned something about that on the IG account a while back. Really hoping for a dark gray!



Looks great with the white truck! Not sure if on a silver truck it would look nearly as cool.

That looks like silver to me. ?

Ha you are right. Sorry about that. That’s a way lighter silver than I had in my head.

I have black on silver. I have found that the panels get hot to the touch. I don’t hang out in the back of the truck without the panels being open or top open so it just isn’t an issue for me

I would agree with your statement… That’s the reason I’m going black on silver truck. But I also wear Carhartt as “dressy” :joy:

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another vote for gray. I get it with the “try to match” look. I think the black does look better, but it gets pretty hot with the gray, hard to imagine how much hotter it would be with darker color. I live in Nevada and spend more time in the sun than the cold.

If the truck bed area is to hot consider insulating the panels.


I chose a custom grey color that I like. The finish is different without the clear coat.


For what it’s worth, I was concerned about the gray panels and a slightly darker gray truck. I was concerned about the “looks like it matches but not quite issue”. I could not be happier. My GMC is not silver, definitely closer to a charcoal gray (but not quite), but the gray camper looks great. To me anyway.:slightly_smiling_face:


Nice. That’s the perfect amount of contrast to not look like you were trying to match them.

I picked up my Gray camper on Friday for my Silver Colorado ZR2. For me, the gray is different enough that it adds some contrast without sticking out too much. An all black top would have stood out more than I like.


It looks really good. I have the ZR2 also and will be getting the exact set up in March/April. Are you planning on parking it in a garage (7ft)? If so, please let me know if it will fit, curious to see if it will also fit with those beef rack bars.


I don’t have a garage at the moment to park in. I will get it measured soon though since I’ve got to deal with parking garages in town from time to time(Thursday).

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I measured my Colorado at 83" with the beef rack bars.


Going to be a tight fit, but looks like it will work. Thank you