Panel Hooks

Want to utilize your panels a bit more while in cabana mode? Maybe need an extra hand? Have some wet clothes to dry out or need to hang a light? Maybe some nasty chamois? (you filthy roadies)

Summers basically here (except in Montana where it’s 70 one day and snowing the next).These hooks are a great way to gain some extra utilization out of an otherwise useless space. Rated at a comfortable 51lbs (bag holding the weights failed so I couldn’t go further), they will greatly exceed the strut weight. Featuring a hook hole that conveniently fits a standard clothes hanger, it makes for a secure hanging point that will ensure you’re clothes won’t end up on the ground.

  1. No drill, 3M VHB Adhesive with promotor (Currently rated at 51lbs when properly applied)
  2. Won’t void your warranty
  3. Higher weight limit for those with upgraded stronger struts
  4. Can be used on any flat surface, in multiple orientations.

Snag’em here:
Utility Hook


Utility Hook


Is it just me or does that topper look out of square? :thinking: Hooks look great and square!

Probably is :joy:

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