Panel pin switches

I have this fear that I’m going to drive off with a panel open and have it hit something like a tree branch. So a couple months ago I made some rough brackets to hold some hood pin switches, which I wired up to an led in the cab. Now I can clearly see if a panel is open without having to walk around my truck, or try to find the right angle to see my panels in my side mirrors.

I used a few of these:

wired to one of these:

The brackets I made aren’t pretty, but they are out of the way and I don’t notice them much:


@ervandew, is that a mosquito net panel in the last shot? Do you have a photo that shows it in full? Looks like an interesting approach and I’d love to know more because I’m about to build some. Thanks.

I’ve got some pis and a link to the screen I modified in my build thread:

Thanks. I had see that build thread but missed the screens there. The build looks great - lots of creative solutions.