Panel to bed rail gap differences

Noticed this on my Tacoma this weekend while unloading from a trip. Not sure if this is normal, if it was this way at install, or if something may have shifted over the last few thousand miles. Any input from other installs or expectations would be helpful. Mount points appear to be all torqued down on initial inspection.

The gap between the bottom flange of the side panels to the top of the bed rail is about 1/4"-1/2" different from my driver to passenger side.

Iā€™d check what @the_philxx mentioned to be sure it is just manufacturing inconsistencies.

I ended up with really thin clamping blocks on install, and after some heavy off roading the camper broke the spot welds on my trucks bed rail and my camper was lifting up on the front corner. Looks like you have a Toyota so probably attached via the bed rails so maybe not applicable, but wanted to mention it just in case.

I can poke my finger under the corners of the rear hatch with the tailgate closed. I filled it in with black caulk.