Pass-through to the truck cab, has it been done?

I’m curious to hear if anyone has created a pass-through between the GFC and cab of truck? Or at least replaced the front window of the camper with a way to open a hatch between the cab of the track and camper, has anyone done this?

I was considering the idea of replacing my window on my tundra with some kind of solid material with a hole cut out that matches up to the camper for a passthrough. Or a hatch of some sort on the camper so if I roll my rear window down, I can open the hatch to the camper.

if it was a solid pass-through, there are these gaskets you can get to weatherproof it:

If anyone has done this, I’d love to see what you did.

Looks like a great idea to pump the heat or air conditioning Into GFC.

then you just need to add some of these to run to the back :joy:


I’d personally do a latch. If you do a permanent through-way you’re going to get a ton of road noise from the back.


yeah that is true. and I’d probably prefer that as well. I wish they just a window that can open.

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Any progress on this topic? I’ve been really wanting to do the same thing…

My brother cut a pass through the size of his retracting back window in his 2018 tundra and sealed it up so he can bring bring the truck window up and down to have access. Got a solid front panel, no window, with the intention of doing that.


That’s awesome! How did he seal it to the cab and still have room for the window to move freely?

Watch that seal on the cab closely. I had a Tacoma develop a horrible rust issue under the seal between the windows on the shell and cab.

its larger than the window by a decent amount so theres no leakage issue there. been there a couple years without a problem! though its a weekend warrior setup not a lifer in the woods living out of the back setup.

good looking on the rust issue. paint is still crispy but i’ll tell him to keep an eye out.