Pass Thru’s For Wires

Hey guys, are there grommets/pass thru’s to run wires out of the bed portion of the camper? I don’t want to drill holes in the metal, so I was curious. I don’t have my tent yet, but I’m trying to put together a plan for some stuff.

Thank you for any help!

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no more pass thru’s in the v2. Drilled holes in the bed platform for lights, solar (which then goes up through the roof). Welcome to the community :metal:Check out the build section for full geek out mode on rigs and ideas.


@Dignon thanks for the response! Any reason they’d get rid of the pass thru’s? That sucks to get rid of them.

I’m not sure why they did that; but drilling your own hole is essentially the same idea. Maybe because some customers don’t want the hole?

I do wish they had better wire management abilities, especially for external wiring. I’m currently in the long process of trying to decide how to route some wiring for my Aux lights. Although, if it would easy it would take the fun out of it :smiley:

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Yeah, I’m shocked there aren’t provisions for it. This will be my first experience with GFC. I was torn between them and their competitor in the PNW. I went with GFC because of the following. Hopefully it was the right choice.

I can’t speak for the SP’s I looked at those too; but the border’s were closed at the time and there was no option to get it here. That being said, you won’t be disappointed!

These things rock!!! Yeah they have their quirks that could use a little tweak; but I would imagine the SP, or ATLAS, or anything else would too. The big thing for me was that the look and weight. I just think they look bad ass compared to the others. And at 370lbs for an XL you can’t go wrong!


I agree. I like the smooth, flat panels on the GFC. I did like the rivet tech on the SP’s. However, it’s not worth the cost.

The extra space over the cab making access to the bed possible is also great with the SP. What truck are you putting your camper on? Be prepared for a reduction in fuel mileage, and possible wind noise when driving. I’ve been lucky and have no wind noise compared to the Yakima rack noise I had before installing the camper.

If it helps you feel more confident in your decision… I won’t get into the details but I had SP #18 and sold it in December. Picking up our GFC 4/2.


@Dignon putting the camper on a Ford Raptor.

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@justrussell i wouldn’t mind hearing your story. You can DM me.

@justrussell I’d be interested in what you have to say as well. I had one of the original SP build spots (before the price increases) but they kept bumping my production slot because the “design wasn’t 100%”. Finally had enough and sold my spot.

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Yeah, when I talked with them, they couldn’t even tell me when I’d get a camper. And, their prices are insane. I’m curious what his reasonings for selling are. I think stuff like this helps a potential buyer make the right choices.

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I think the price from when I secured my spot to when I sold it jumped $2500 or more. I definitely liked things about their design but they really need to work on improving the business side of things.

Well, I don’t want to keep you all in suspense. I’ll start by stating the obvious. With any new product there will be issues, I believe I had the 2nd SP in a long bed configuration.
My biggest issue by far was their customer service/communication.
Immediately I had issues with the side doors sealing. Water intrusion would happen at the bottom seal as my tires kicked up water.
I reached out to their team and they told me It was probably due to the latches not engaging properly and they would need to be adjusted. Mind you this was on my drive home from installation. It was difficult to get them to respond in a timely manner.
After assuring them that the issue was not due to the latches they had a local long bed customer come by their shop to verify the potential issue. I was bothered by this as they made me feel that what I was experiencing wasn’t relevant if no one else was experiencing the same issue. Low and behold the issue was not specific to my camper. They issued a fix of adding an additional bulb seal. They sent the seal with install instructions at no charge. This took nearly a month from complaint to package arrival.
Also, when I was in Portland for installation they had run out of “serial number” plates and all of the 12v items and pillar cover plates that are supposed come along with the camper. I didn’t receive any of those for 8+ months and I had to hound them monthly about it. Install was December, package arrived in August.
As time went on I began to have more issues with all of the doors due to the latches. They would never lock into the 2nd stage of closure no matter how many times I adjusted them. They have since moved to a new stuff latch which I asked to have retrofitted to my camper and offered to cover the cost. I still have not received a response on that. They’re were other issues with dust and water intrusion as expected.
Long story long, their customer service was garbage in my experience, and that’s what lead me to return to GFC.
GFC has answered every phone call and responded to every email within hours. As you all have read I the forum or experienced for yourself, that own their faults and make every attempt at remedying any issues asap. Assuming you actually reach out to them and not just come here to complain.

Please take all of this with a grain of salt. I’m not here to bad mouth the SP team or their product. This is simply my experience. I have made buddies with a few other early day SP owners who have had nothing but pleasant experiences and are happier than hell with their campers.


I will say, GFC customer service is top notch. They have been awesome to deal with. So far, I’ve only dealt with Jed and Thomas. They have been rad. Actually, the service is what led me to pulling the trigger.


Thank you for this. I appreciate the feedback. I’m not sure if I’ll run wiring up to the sleeping area, yet. Most of my wiring will be down in the bed of the truck.

Do you have a pic of where you drilled the hole?

If you want the hole finished a 1" long piece of PVC expoxyed in the hole works well.

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That’s a creative idea! Thanks for sharing that!