Pelican Case Cupboard

Came across this idea on fb, wondering if anybody has a better implementation than what I am thinking to do for the gfc.

My plan is to get a cheap pelican knock off from harbor freight and bolt a couple rubber fist grips to the case, then mount it to the tube frame of the gfc. Then I’ll do something similar with two thin wires to create a support for the lid to work as a counter space. And I like the net retainer too.

Let me know if you already did something like this, and save me some trial and error, TIA!



This seems like a great idea, keeps things out of site, out of the dust, and from bouncing all over the bed of the truck during transit. Gonna go price harbor freight/knock-off pelican cases! Post here if you find some economical options.

Also, gotta love the liner they used.

Haha, yea, memento mori. I’ll report back with my result this weekend.

I used the Harbor Freight units on my tent rack in the pre-GFC days. Used them for two years and they held up well. I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did.


Are there holes drilled throught the cases to mount them, or is there some special bracket I don’t know about?

In my case I pulled the foam liner in the case and drilled through it to mount it to brackets I fab’d for my rack. Once you put the foam back, the bolts are invisible.

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