(PENDING) FOR SALE: Taxa Mantis travel trailer - location Austin, TX

August 2020 Build (mid-year updated) so it has separate sink/stove + wet bath, ac and bunks, high quality tent sides (before 2021 issues). Will be priced with ARB 2500x2500 awning and Truma electric fridge, dual group 27 batteries + countless listed accessories (but not limited to): bungees, hoses, power 15a and 30a, propane tanks, leveling blocks and wheel chocks, tri-fold mattresses, custom cut water hog carpets and a number of other basics.

I have notes and details about repairs, fixes, technical info, etc… We traveled the country in it for 7months straight, so it was treated well and looked after.

Also for sale: Goal Zero (GZ) Yeti 3000x, GZ Boulder 200 briefcase panel, 600w power supply, GZ 750w fast vehicle power supply, vehicle link module. ARB awning room. IronMan 4x4 wind and sun shade. Rooftop Cargo Basket. Outdoor sand/dirt/debris free mat, GenY Glyder Hitch, misc outdoor furniture, water cans, and more

How’s the Taco do pulling this beast?

Does great! The 2020 model weighs 2,800 dry, so well under the 6,400 rating for my Tacoma. I’ve got an OVTune, and some suspension work, both improved towing/handling.

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