Pending - GFC for 6ft Bed Tacoma - in Bay Area, CA!

Hey All -

So I totaled my 2012 Tacoma this morning…sad day.

Full front end destruction, but the camper survived unscathed!

I need to sell it ASAP so that I can go back home to Colorado, vehicle is currently located outside of Sacramento in a salvage yard pending final insurance dealings.

Here’s the specs:

6 Foot Bed - Tacoma
Black Panels
Grey Space Frame
Windows - Front and Rear
New V3 Tent Fabric/Design - Double Side Doors - Black Fabric
Upgraded to Embassy Hinges - July 2020
New Alloy rear grab bar - replaced rusted original grey steel grab bar
GFC Wind Skid - Black

3 Beef Rack Bars
Renogy 100w Solar Panel mounted on GFC Solar Tray
BackUp Camera mounted on rear extrusion

Vrnclr Frame Pack -Black - Passenger side front
Vrnclr Top Shelf - Black

Josh Edgar Design StepUp
Josh Edgar Design MagSpots
Josh Edgar Design HatchLatch

Here’s the kicker - I need to get the camper off this truck and sold ASAP.

Buyer must be in Sacramento/Bay Area or willing to meet as soon as possible and get the camper moved to their truck.

Camper is in near perfect shape - no issues from regular use and no damage from the accident.

Pic of the camper on my last day camping in it last Saturday.

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That’s so so sad. I hope you can sell it quickly!

Thanks everyone for the messages and support, means a lot.

A few have asked for more pics - I can’t get any recent ones as the truck is in a salvage yard that I can’t get into easily today.


So sorry this happened.
I shared your post with my friends in Sacramento.

Why not keep it and put it on another Tacoma? I guess it would be a pain to get it back to Colorado.

I hadn’t planned on buying another Tacoma but they may be what we end uo doing.

UPDATE - We are trying to find another Tacoma to buy and move this to so I can drive it all back to Colorado.

Thanks for everyones help and interest! Great community here.


Best of luck, my man :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Picked this guy up yesterday, going to get the camper transferred over to this truck tomorrow and hopefully be headed back home sooner than later!