Permanent side mount ladder?

I am running a GFC on a 2012 Tundra. I know about the mantis ladder. Is there anything available that is like those powder coated ladders you see on the back on Land Cruisers or vans that could mount permanently to the side of my truck using the t-tracks on the camper? I would use this for access to the beef bars when needed, clean snow off the roof, etc. I don’t have side doors on my camper and always enter through the truck bed anyway.


You mean something like this?

Wouldn’t that keep the side from opening up?

I have sliders with a kick out and can reach anywhere from there, the wheel or the tailgate. The door jam worked before I had the sliders.

Do you know who makes that? It does seem it would keep the side panel shut but that may not be a deal breaker.

Yes. Basically that ladder. Manufacturer? Thanks.

The ladder was made by Reise Outfitters according to the internets. I’m couldn’t find a link after a quick search.