Picking up Topper late January

Title says it all. Have install date for 27th of January. Looks like from Missoula to Spokane is mostly through the mountains. For storms that occur do they require chains or shut down the roads, I mean a blizzard I understand. I have 4 wheel drive but highway tires. Just don’t want to hit weather if I can help it but know I can’t control that. Anyone else have a install coming up

I went through there in November and drove through the same storm seemingly three times in three different passes coming from Central BC to Missoula. I had swapped my winters on at that point, and I’m certainly glad I did.

Winters are mandatory and chains are recommended.

I picked mine up January 15th. Drove over that pass. It was fine during my trip but that pass does get hairy at times and I would recommend bringing chains and extra blankets and stuff just in case. Most likely you’ll be fine but always better to be prepared. It was actually worse from Missoula to Belgrade. The roads were gnarly for a bit but then they cleared up.

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yeah after I posted I pretty much knew the answer. My friend has some 4runner wheels that I was internested in and was hoping to get them and then get some tires. But looks like I’m going to have get tires beforehand. Now what to get for AT tires…

Kinda off topic…

What gen Taco do you drive? I put down a deposit for a Topper, but I have a 2nd gen and there seems to be something keeping it off the “official” supported vehicle list (even tho there are Insta posts showing it on a white 2nd gen).

Cheers and congrats on the Topper!

3rd gen. I think that what you are seeing on Instagram is the test vehicle. You’d have contact @GFC to see when the 2nd gens will be supported. I would think fairly soon.

Got a call hours after that post to finalize and invoice for my topper. So stoked!

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