PIT 2021 Route 3 (PNW)

Hey guys!

Here is Route THREE of the PIT. This will be a run through very northern California and the Pacific Northwest. I will be doing all the campers in one swoop through ID, CA, OR, WA and back. Currently we are waiting on an ETA for materials before I can plan an exact departure date but will update everyone VIA email and the forum as soon as I know.

The Route can be found here:
Belgrade, MT- Mt Shasta, CA- Bend OR- Hood River, OR- Portland, OR- Seattle , WA- Medical Lake, WA- Belgrade, MT
Number of campers: 30+

Leg one start date: TBD

Along the way I will do some meet ups for sure in a few various ways.

This thread will be locked so please DM or email me if you have any questions.

Main thread has been updated and an email has been sent out to everyone I know of in the PNW so if you have not received an email please check your email, spam etc and if you have not received anything from me please send an email to mike@gfcengineering.com

This PIT is still for those campers in the first 150 and those with an acute hinge issue (Your hinge is broken or multiple hinges are actively broken)


Hey everyone,

The PNW PIT has been going off without a hitch! From rain to snow to falling snow to intense fog we have been working diligently through the campers. Let you East Coast friends know I will be planning that route soon to get through the remainder of the original acute issues. If you all need anything from me, I am around! To the rest of you on this trip, I will see you soon!



Confucius sees crabcakes in your future!! Be safe out there!!


Was great to meet you. Stoked that you were working across the street at Mike’s place just by chance!


Agreed, small world and only getting smaller. Good to meet you and let me know if you end up having any issues or other questions, I’m around.

I do try to stay as safe as I can haha

Must be in Central Oregon! Welcome!

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