Placing my order within a week... help me with your insights please

Hey everyone first post (I think) I’ve been on the list a long time… Placing my order next week for my camper top for my 2019 Tacoma! Could you guide me with what you could live with or without? Some of the things I am unsure of is
Tent windows
Tent ladder
Lighting (if offered)
Awning brackets (I will have a 270 at some point)

Anything else I should be considering? It’s in a family of three cars with two drivers but will be a daily driver 1-3 days a week.

Thanks everyone! I’m more then excited!!

just get it all.

have fun!


Things I have and use every time I use the GFC

  • Tent windows (only one was offered at the time, I’d be happy with both)
  • Ladder to get in via the tent (I find it annoying to go in through the floor because I setup my bedding as soon as I get to camp)
  • Lighting isn’t offered and doesn’t have an ETA. I created my own via LED strips but made by using headlamps and lanterns before then
  • Awning brackets are dependent upon the awning. GFC is creating awning brackets that are compatible with the new hinges and have worked for a handful of awnings, however a lot of 270 awnings need custom mounts provided by manufacturer especially in the back

I have a bunch of extra stuff I added (an entire solar/charger/battery setup) but the above is all you really need. My only suggestion would be some storage bins to organize gear for quick loading and access.

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  • windows / doors in the tent - get them all.

  • the ladder is handy although my girl prefers to use the truck bed. but if you have things back there cooking its good to keep out of the way.

you might find this useful has some of the aftermarket products offered esp for the gfc

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I agree with this. :grin:


I agree with nevadan and kwood. Get everything. I couldn’t live without the front and back camper windows, personally. Its already somewhat difficult to see in rearward directions with the camper. The windows are clutch for me.
I don’t know what the current options are, but I have one tent side door. I’m fine with it. I believe that the new tents may have an option for two. Meh…
I don’t even know how to sleep in double mode without a ladder. Forget the hassle of removing panels to drain beers out of your liver. I use a pad in the tent. How does one move bedding out of the way with a pad in your path?!? The ladder is way easier for me. Unzip, climb down. I don’t use the ladder in bunk mode, though…
I’m doing a very basic and simple GFC build/setup, and I still recommend getting the options.



get at least one side door and the ladder. I have the first gen tent fabric and no side doors. climbing into the tent from the bed is not bad at all, but having a ladder on one side with the side door would really be worth your while.

But honestly, the folks that said get it all, I’d do that!! ha.

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I wish I got the tent window. I got the cab window and no rear window. Don’t think I needed the cab window. And happy that the rear has no window so it doesn’t entice people to break in

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I’d actually consider this alternative:

Here’s a $20 off link to a badass sink/shower setup I just bought.