Platform Camper bed requirements

I’m picking up a Maverick and wondering if I should bother with a bedliner or if a “bed rug” would suffice for the purpose of having the Platform Camper installed.

Thanks :pray:

I’d say the biggest positive is insulation. Where are you located, what are you planning on doing with your camper?

To me this that is the question i would ask myself…

Personally i like the rubber spray liners. Small insulation and protection for the paint and metal…

If i was going to be somewhere with snow regularly i might look into a bed rug as well…

Just my 2 cents

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We picked up a used 2019 Ford Ranger 5ft bed this year. We’ve been busy building a purpose built adventure rig / work truck with weight in mind. The truck came with a bed liner (31 lbs) a spray in bed liner would have been 60+ lbs. Having started with a CVT RTT and ZroadZ rack, we learned quickly our knees didn’t love the bed liner.

Now with the GFC #1919 we just recently removed the bed liner and installed the Bed Rug with tailgate. (4.5 lbs) I went with the tailgate since it’s extreamly knee friendly. Extreamly comfortable to walk on and both are easy to remove.(disclaimer dollar store welcome mats are worth the $1.25 buy a few)

Now we mainly do cold weather camping so with a R4 value it’s a no brainer FOR US!

You do the math after all it’s the Maverick. One rocking little truck. Congratulations!