Platform campers in New England?

Hello! I’m very interested in the GFC platform, and I’d love to see one in person to judge the scale of the thing. I’m XL-Tall, and I’ve never driven a pickup truck, so I’m not sure how cramped I’d feel in a truck bed camper.

I live in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire/Vermont, and if there were a camper within a few hours’ drive, I’d love to come take a look. Or, if anyone is planning a road trip through the region, I’ll happily take you out for a beer in exchange for a tour of your rig.


Rob Strong
Lebanon, NH

I’m 6’5", 240. I’m not “cramped,” but it is snug when my kid is sprawled up there with me. It’s not an RV, but the GFC is easier/quicker/comfier than a tent.

I use my truck like a truck and live in place with abundant recreation that is best accessed with a truck. If I lived in the NE and didn’t need a truck, I would get a Sprinter. (I lived in upstate NY for 3+ yrs and can’t recall a time that I wished I had better clearance or the ability to go 4wd lo.)

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Awesome, thanks for that info!

I’m planning on being in okemo weekend of 10/24 but I only have the standard sized camper.

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Cool! I’ll keep it in mind as the day gets closer

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I’m in Maine near Bar Harbor. Still a long way from you, but if you get out this way I can show you my GFC.

Awesome! That’s a great destination for a trip anyway. I’ll look you up if I come that direction.

I could meet you at Acadia National Park. The parking lot at the main entrance would be a good place.

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