Platform topper question

hello everyone, new to the forum. i have a 2023 F150 powerboost currently with a foldable tonneau cover. i’m looking for a rack so that i can install some overlanding/camping gears. i’m interested in the platform topper from GoFastCampers, my question is, does it provide any hooks or brackets on the outside of the topper to mount an awning or other gears? from the pictures, it doesn’t look like it has anything to mount stuff on.

GFC utilizes a “t track” system that you can attach stuff too. The also have “Beef bars” which are a premium crossbar also utilizing the “t track”. I believe the topper specifically also has pre installed mounting points on the interior frame.

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You would use these to attach most thing to the track including awnings brackets and other miscellaneous mounts and brackets

t tracks are only for platform camper right? i’m looking at the topper only.

these are for the camper right? i’m looking at the platform topper only.

The top of the topper has the same track aystem

Both the platform camper and the topper utilize the same t track system.

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GFC Platform Topper

At the bottom, there’s an “Accessorizing” section showing things attached , just like the camper.

thanks guys, those are really helpful information. basically the top of the topper exterior can be accessorized to mount most gears if purchase the necessary hardware, is this correct? also my truck has a short bed, how to i identify that option when placing the order? lastly, how do the side cabana style panel secured? are their locks?

The website is pretty dang good at answering all of your tech questions. Have you seen it?

As @Dogandagladiator stated the website basically answers all your questions in depth. Another option depending on your location is go to either GFC HQ or one of the satellite shops and I’m sure they have one you would be able to see in person.

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that’s a good idea, the nearest GFC shop is only 5 miles away from me.

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