PNW/PDX Winter Wheeling and Camp out

Checking interest on a winter snow wheeling/ camp out with other GFC owners, open to all winter long but thinking about getting out this weekend, 12/29-12/31 two nights and two days in mt hood national forest (leaving out of estacada) or somewhere within a a couple hours of Portland to do some exploring and play in the snow.


I’m interested. We currently have a GFC Topper and a iKamper mounted on it.

Depending on where and how hard of snow wheeling I’m kind of interested. I’m out of Bend and we have like zero snow

the plan would be to keep it moderate/ fun and stop going up when we start getting stuck. Im in a zr2 bison on 35’s and my low rear shock mounts are always the biggest limiting factor, I can really only drive through about 2ft of powder.

Would also like to make sure people are competent driving and camping in snow, have recovery gear and a Brain!

If y’all have any suggestions on location feel free to chime in.

I was thinking FS road 4610 out of la dee flats this weekend

Unfortunately there isn’t much snow below 4,500ft. Here is Govy right now at around 4,400.

Screenshot 2023-12-27 150414

Silver lining is that you can probably access a lot of trails that would normally be covered! I’ll be out at the coast otherwise I’d join.

After doing some research and checking out the maps im going to postpone this trip until we get a good storm rolling through and some colder weather.

Likely going to run into seasonal road closure this weekend as the snow level is too high right now to make much out of a trip in that area.

Hey Matt - I’m super interested in joining. Keep me posted on new potential dates.

Will Keep you poster Roger, looking forward to getting back out on the trails with you.

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Planning to head out this weekend Saturday the 20th to the mt.hood national forest outside of Molalla to do some snow wheeling and explore the goat mountain area.

Tentative plan is to meet in Molalla Safeway around 9:30am and head out to the trails. Depending on the conditions and the weather we will plan to explore the area and look for a camp around 4-5pm.

If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to tag along for just the day or to camp as well.

If you have chainsaw and recovery equipment please bring them.


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I’ll be there Matt.

One potential complication is I had a pipe burst this morning with this crazy weather we have been having. I anticipate being able to fix it as soon as the ice melts enough for me to get to the hardware store.

We had some carnage at our place too. Roughly 100+ year old fir tree came down. Luckily it fell away from the house but it took power out in the immediate area and ripped the gas line out of the house. Been a fun couple days…


Dang, hopefully you were able to get that fixed up.

Not really sure what the conditions this weekend are going to bring us, should be interesting out there.

damn that is some carnage, hopefully the gas company and electrical gets sorted out,

If I had a bandsaw mill id offer to slab that thing up, a slab dining table from the tree would be a momento

Wow! Glad it fell away from the house.

Looking good for Saturday. I was able to fix up the pipe yesterday so at this point I’m good to go.

@Zr2_Matt - I lost power yesterday with the 2nd round of this storm. At this point I’m tentative for tomorrow. I’ll reach out again later today with an update.

I wanted to join you guys but we got freezing rain yesterday on top of snow so my drive would be miserable haha

@Zr2_Matt - I’m officially out for this weekend. I’m bummed but power is still out and I don’t feel good about leaving my wife to deal with house stuff while this garbage weather is ongoing.

Dang that is a bummer let’s postpone a couple weekends.

Good luck with getting your power back on, my mother in laws went out for the 2nd time last nigh so I’m headed to get the airstream prepped for her to stay In

10-4. Stay safe and yeah let’s reset for another time. Thanks!