¿Por que no? Back to Baja

I left home with a bike and a surfboard and my plan was to meet some friends in Sedona for a week of biking then head to Oceanside, CA for a week of surfing with some friends who live there, then head back to SLC.

At some point while I was in Sedona I got a call from a friend asking if he could borrow my Starlink. “Sorry” I said, “I’m kind of using it right now but why do you need it and where are you going?”. You’re going to Baja, with some mutual friends, interesting…

We mostly spent time on the pacific side, traveling as far south as a very awesome but unnamed surf spot just north of Guerrero Negro. Went over to the Sea of Cortez side for a few days to give the arms a rest and get change of scenery and then finished up with another week of surfing on the pacific side.

drove a little bit of the 1000 course


a hot spring, at the ocean, what will they think of next?

destruction from hurricane Norma

puppies, everywhere!

George is a huge fan of Baja life

We met up with a couple of girls from Jackson Hole and traveled south with them for a few days, they were pretty good at fishing

lobsters from the trunk of a local

is a GFC just a stepping stone to a bigger camper?

carne asada for thanksgiving dinner

Longest continuous trip yet in the GFC, I think that was somewhere around 5 or 6 weeks straight. Already looking forward to going back.


Love the pics, baja is never a bad idea.

You maintain the step on the mountain hatch tailgate? Was looking at one for my gen 1

Yeah, the steps don’t get in the way of the mountain hatch.

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Man love it! Miss Baja. Never done it with the GFC. Spent 2 weeks once with a moto living off it camping and then 4 weeks the next year living on the same moto when I left for South America on it.

All back in 2015/2016. I hear the Starlink is now a game changer for Baja with remote work. Hell, I cant say I wouldnt do the same given remote…just need Starlink!

Starlink worked great and this trip wouldn’t have been possible for me without it.

Spent a lot of time on the Sea of Cortez side on those moto trips, warmer! I’ve surf all the points on the East Cape and even got stuck for a week post hurricane and had to get evacuated.

Once of these years I’ll make it down in the truck. We live in SW Colorado so been debating about getting Starlink anyways and if we do I’d do the mobile one for this reason.

Did you have your surfboard on a rack on the moto or just rent wherever you could? Sometimes I think a moto trip down there could be really cool but it seems like more dirt roads than singletrack which I think I’d be bored with after a while.

I really debated about a moto-rack. I think I’d do it with one in the future but we had no end goal and were just heading south to patagonia and wasnt sure how frequent we’d surf. Turns out a boatload and I just kept renting board for chunks at a time.

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This is epic.

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Amazing shots!! You’ve captured this adventure so well, I kinda wanna pack up now and go down for Christmas …


I want to go to baja so bad. It always looks so nice. Love the pics!


Looks like a rad time. I can’t wait to go back but front suspension needs to be done first.

Great shot and story. Baja is high on my list.


Beautiful photos! Hope you had a great trip

Thank you for sharing the pictures Merry Christmas